The simple, wasteless way to wrap gifts for every occasion.


This limited edition furoshiki wrapping cloth is a beautiful, simple and eco-friendly way to wrap that special gift.


Furoshiki is the Japanese art of cloth wrapping, traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts or other goods such as food.


The wrapping may be returned to you or kept by the recipient to wrap another gift or use for another purpose (such as wrapping objects for travel).


Made using beautiful organic cotton, this generously sized wrapping cloth is 70cm x 70cm -  perfect for large gifts such as A4 sized books, small board games, medium shoe-box sized gifts, bottles of wine.



Please note: products can only be shipped to a New Zealand address.

Furoshiki - Animal Safari (Organic)

  • Gift wrap etiquette

    There are no rules: keep them in the family, make them part of the gift, or just ask for them back!


    Care instructions

    Spot clean and iron if necessary, otherwise simply fold and store them away for next time.


    Wrapping tips

    Furoshiki should be roughly three times the size of the object you are wrapping.


    Follow these simple steps to get started or see the 'how to wrap' section:Follow these simple steps to get started:


    - Place the gift in the middle of the fabric on the diagonal.

    - Fold the top and bottom corners over the gift.

    - Tie the other two corners in a knot. Voilà!


    There are so many ways you can wrap with Furoshiki and lots of helpful video tutorials online, or you can get inventive and wrap it your own way!