Frequently Asked Questions

Who made my wrap?

All of the fabric is selected, washed, hand cut and sewn by me, Sarah, right here in Wellington :)

I operate with small batch sizes to ensure there is no excess stock which could go to waste.

How do I care for my wraps?

Easy! Spot clean and iron if required. Fold and store for their next use!

What about delivery?

Delivery is to New Zealand addresses only.  


Postage and packaging is charged at a flat fee of $7 per order.


Delivery is estimated to be 3-6 working days. However, there may be delivery delays due to covid, particularly for Auckland customers. 


I do not offer international shipping. However if you can not find reusable gift wrap in your area and are interested in my products then please get in touch and we can look into how to send your package and off-set the carbon footprint.

Can I return my wrap if not satisfied?

Absolutely. Please let me know if you are returning your order and post it back asap to receive a full refund, minus postage.

Do you wholesale?

Yes! Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you! Let me know which products and quantities you are interested in. I am also happy to work with you to design a special range for your store/customers. 

What is the etiquette for reusable gift wrap? 

Great question! And there really are no rules, anything goes! I recommend doing what is most comfortable for you. Here are some suggestions:​​

  • Let the recipient know the wrap is part of the gift and how to use it so it can be passed from person to person. It may even find its way back to you! 

  • Ask for it back, especially if you don’t think the recipient will reuse it (people don’t seem to mind, or at least it starts an interesting conversation!)⁣ ⁣ If you feel awkward asking in person, include a note or a message in the card, e.g.  ‘I am a reusable gift wrap, please return me :)’.

  • Keep your gift wraps for use within your household, then there is always one when you need it! 

  • Keep the wraps for use within your wider family. Eventually the wraps will come full circle!⁣ ⁣ 

What are your reusable gift wrap options?


I offer the following reusable gift wrap solutions:

  • Gift wrap with ties attached 

  • Furoshiki wrapping cloths

  • Draw-string gift bags 

  • Party favour bags

  • Wine bottle gift bags, and

  • Reusable gift tags (seasonal)


I offer standard sizes, but love custom orders. Please get in touch if you can’t find the size or colours/styles you are looking for. I would love to work with you to design the perfect gift wrap for you and your special people.


How do I use Wrapper's Delight gift wraps?

Check out the How to Wrap page for guidance, but the real trick is just to wrap on the diagonal!

What are the gift wraps made of?
My gift wraps and gift bags are made using 100% cotton fabric (or linen if specified). Some wraps come with cotton cord ties attached, other styles you simply knot the fabric to secure. No need for scissors, paper, tape or bows!